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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Hello everyone! Hope all is well! It has been awhile since I last updated everyone on me so here I go..........................

My last doctors appointment was 2-23. Dr. B had been sick the whole week before I came so he had not yet looked at my capsule endoscopy pictures so I did not get to find out about those. We did however take a look at all the medications I was taking. He took me off half of my medications. He increased my Effexor to 150 mg a day. My body went through a 72 hour period of withdrawal symptoms from not being on the medications. That was really bad. My fibromyalgia is flared up big time. I am in so much pain its ridiculous! I almost feel stupid because I was in pain before while I was on the meds and complained all the time. Now being off the meds I feel a million times worse and feel so bad for ever complaining before. I talked to the doctor and complained about my pain. He seems to think that the Effexor is going to be cure all. I am leery on this but I guess we shall see. I am going to tell him though tomorrow that I have to go back on my Sanctura for my bladder. Going off that was NOT GOOD, and I am not going to continue being off it! My bladder has been a MESS! So, that is really all thats been going on. We shall see how this all pans out. I am starting to have a negative feeling about this doctor. But as a human I like him so I am going to keep seeing him and go from there. I had such high hopes. Oh well, we just have to wait and see. I go back to see him tomorrow. He should have my results of the capsule pictures. HE BETTER anyways! OH! The last blood results showed that my blood count went up a 1/2 a point which is good. It shows that wherever I was bleeding from is starting to heal itself. I was VERY happy about that. So, I will fill you in as soon as I can about any new news or developments I have.

Have a great day!



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