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Monday, February 20, 2006


Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? Hopefully all is going well.

Just thought I would post a quick update of whats been going on with me. Nothing to exciting to report. Last week Thursday I went in for the Capsule Endoscopy. Was real easy. Although the belt that was around me being held with suspenders was less than attractive. :)~ I also had some more blood work drawn. They want to make sure that my blood count didn't drop some more.

I go this Thursday again back to Binghamton to get all the test results and to see what happens from there. I am very interested in what he has to say. When I had to return the machine back to the hospital I got to see a few pictures of my small intestine. A lot of them were not clear, thanks to some food still lingering in there, so she said I might need to redo it again. Wasn't to happy to hear that. We did see a couple clear pictures and one showed a bright red spot so there is definitely something going on in there. I didn't stay for the whole download so there were TONS of pictures I didn't get to see. Hopefully they were better.

So, thats about it my way. I've been very tired which is to be expected. Still not feeling well. Not a surprise there. BP was still a smidgen high which I wasn't to thrilled about. Now that my BP pills were increased to 2 a day it shouldn't have been where it was. It was 139/90 which is still not great. It should be in the 120/80's! I see my primary doctor the 13th of March so hopefully by then its better or if it isn't he will have another plan of attack. I told him the last time I saw him that I should just move in with him because I see him more than I do anyone else. He laughed. I am glad I have such a good doctor with a good sense of humor and understanding.

So, I guess I am going to close for now. As soon as I know more I will update you all. Much love to all of you.



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