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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Just thought I would check in while I had a little time to. Wanted to update everyone on my lovely tests that were performed on Tuesday. So hear it goes:

It takes an hour and 15 minutes (with my mother driving) to get to Lourdes. I was feeling really sick in the car. I chalked it up to nerves. Was OK once I got to the hospital. As soon as I got there I got right in, got ready and got into the test room fast. They proceeded to sedate me and gave me Demerol in case of any pain. They said I would be asleep any minute. I NEVER fell asleep. I was awake for the whole procedure. IT was awful thank goodness. I had a couple of times when I was uncomfortable but that was all. They were in shock that I didn't fall asleep. They said I got a lot of the good stuff. Unfortunately it didn't work. The doctor said everything looked fine. He took a lot of biopsies which I will find out more about tomorrow. But he wasn't concerned about anything! SO, then off to the recovery area. They took 4 tubes of blood for some blood work which I will also find out about tomorrow. I was in recovery for maybe 20 minutes and off I was.

I was totally sick the whole way home. I hated it! I hate that nauseous feeling. And with that I had a headache. Then just two minutes from home we had to pull over so I could throw up. It was from the sedation. I usually always get sick from it. I spent the rest of the day once I got home on the couch. Sipping ginger ale and eating saltines. I haven't felt right since. I have been so nauseous and sick. Which I will discuss tomorrow with the doc.

Tomorrow at 10:15 is my appt. So, off to Binghamton we go. Thank goodness for my mom. She happily carts me to all these appts. I wouldn't know what to do without her. So tomorrow I will find out all test results. When I find out about them and get home, granted I am not sick again, I will update you on them.

So, that's been it so far. We shall see on what's to come. Hope everyone is having a good week. TGIF tomorrow!!!!!

OH-- for any race fans, Saturday is the Bud Shoot out. WOO HOO! Racing season is here. What a long break it seemed like. I am sure I will post stuff on NASCAR as well!

Talk to you all soon!



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