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Friday, February 10, 2006

My Doctors Appointment!

Well, today was definitely interesting. There is always something!

My biopsies from the endoscopy and colonoscopy came out fine. All it showed was I did have a mild case of Gastritis, which we all ready knew. My blood work wasn't the best though. My hemoglobin is low and I am now anemic. So, he says I have a bleed somewhere in my body. I am leaning more towards iron deficiency but he says bleed. So needless to say I am scared. So, next Thursday I have to go back to the hospital and have a Capsule Endoscopy done. What that is is:
I swallow a camera the size of a multi-vitamin. It takes thousands of pictures of my small intestine. I wear an imaging device around my waist as a belt which stores the pictures. I have to wear this for 8 hours. Then they go over the pictures and let me know what they found or hopefully didn't find. I will also have more blood work done too. So, that's the newest news. I am not thrilled, but at least this procedure will be easy for me. My liver enzymes are high. Which means my liver is not happy right now. Its probably from all my medications but it could be something else. I guess we shall see.
The doctor has started me on Effexor along with the rest of my medications. That is a total of 15 prescriptions. CRAZY! BUT!, he did say that he will be weaning me off of a lot of my medications because they aren't working anyway. So that will be good.
So that's what is going on with me. I will let you know how everything goes as soon as I know!



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