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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Well, today I have found out that the one person in my life that I am supposed to trust the most -- I cannot trust AT ALL! 8 years of my life devoted to something that apparently I shouldn't have bothered with to begin with. He has no sense. He has no apologies. He is pathetic. I am sad, hurt and angry. Here are some poems I have found that pretty much says how I feel right now.
Hope everyone is having a better day than I am having!


Running in all directionsI don't know who to trust
Trust me when I tell you that this world is unjust.
So what can i do?
Who can I run to?
How many tears can these eyes shed?
Everyone else is misled
Because I try so hard to be so strong.
Why can't I have a shoulder to cry on
When can I start running
To someone I can turn to
'Cause all these tears are burning
From no one understanding

(Nathalie Joseph)

Is It Better?

Is it better to be alone; and no have a hand to hold?
Or is it better to be alone; with no one by your side, left out in the cold?
Is it better to have loved; and risked feeling their burn?
Or is it better to have never loved; and not taken the chance to be loved in return?
Is it better to trust; and experience the sting to your back?
Or is it better to never trust; and not know the companionship you lack?

(Deja Still)


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