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Saturday, January 28, 2006

My Doctors Appointment!

Well, it was long day for me yesterday. I am so pooped. My doctors appt went really well. He was a very nice doctor. Very sweet and concerned. I like that! He says he thinks he can help me. I hope so. It would be nice. I was there for a total of 1 1/2 hrs. It was a long visit. He did the normal stuff like check my blood pressure (it was 160/90, high for me. Either its because of the crappy week I had, the fact that I wasn't feeling that well, or I was just nervous in general.), he listened to my heart, pressed on my belly, and the did family history, my surgical history, what medications I was on and then all the ailments I have been diagnosed with. Then I had to go to this other room and basically had to take a psychological exam -- serious it had the bubble sheet you had to fill in and everything -- it was 2 separate booklets. It basically asked your feelings and stuff like that. So, after he went over that he decided that I suffer from depression and anxiety which we all ready knew. He wasn't thrilled that a couple of procedures were performed by my primary physician and not a specialist so I get the honor of having another colonoscopy and endoscopy done. I am so excited. He thinks my primary missed something or didn't do it right. I am about due for both anyway so might as well get it over with. Even though both are NO FUN, I would rather a colonoscopy then an endoscopy any day. Some would say otherwise but having this tube down your throat was horrible. This doctor says he sedates you more than others do so maybe I'll be able to stand it more. So I go for that on the 8th. Not looking forward to the day before prep either! :)~ So, after he does these two things we will go on from there. He says he will start me on some new meds and thinks once I am stabilized and better we can get me off most of them. Oh and I can't forget that he says I am overweight. DUH!? Do you think? Sometimes I think people think you want to be that way. I would do anything if I could lose it. I have been on every diet and with Diabetes you have to always be careful with your diet and I don't lost a pound!!!!! Plus like 3 out of the 15 medications I take has a side effect of weight gain. So I am screwed. That is why when I have the money I need, I am going to have Bariatric surgery done (weight loss surgery). I know someone who has had the DS (Duodenal Switch) and the RNY (Roux-N-Y) procedure done. I have done ALL the research on ALL the different surgeries. I am choosing the DS. Its a 98% cure for Diabetes, and it has the best success rate. Which basically means you keep the weight off. Other surgeries people gain 50% or more back of what the lost over time. With the DS you usually only fluctuate between 10 pounds back and forth. I can deal with that. So I cannot wait to have that done. So that is whats up on the health front so far. As I have more things done to me I will write about it and tell you how I think things are going!

After my appt my mom and I went to IHOP for lunch. That was good. Its amazing how busy Binghamton is to Elmira. Its such a difference. Then we went to Kohls. That was the first time either of us have been in there. Its a nice place!!!!! We will definitely go there again. My mom bought Taylor a charm bracelet. My daughter is SO spoiled. Then we took the long way home. She showed me where the dance studio was in Owego that my sister teaches in. Its a nice place. Then we went to my sisters and hung out for a little while. Then home. I was TIRED!

Home front news: we are talking. I actually slept in my bed last night with him. He is trying REALLY hard to be sweet and have me forgive him. So, as long as he continues to do that I will maybe forgive him. :)~ I love him. I don't think I could leave him. He didn't cheat on me, which is the ultimate NO NO! He just wasn't truthful about something he did. Which was serious. But he is trying to fix everything and I think in time I will be able to forgive him. We shall see. I will keep you up to date on this as well.

I am so happy that my friend (J) had a blog on this site. I love being able to write my stuff. If not to help anyone else its very therapeutic. Thanks hun!

Well, I am off to do the work of a housewife. FUN FUN FUN! Have a good day!


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