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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Every 3 to 6 months during office visits:
Review your blood glucose monitoring records. Ask your healthcare provider to watch you check your blood to make sure you are using the correct technique. To make recording your blood glucose results easier, use the Keeping Well With Diabetes interactive blood glucose diary.
Discuss your blood glucose goals for before and after meals. Click here for recommended blood glucose targets.
Review your most recent A1C.
Get your blood pressure checked. The target goal for blood pressure is less than 130/80 mmHg. Get weighed.
Have your healthcare provider inspect your feet.
Discuss the use of daily aspirin therapy.
Obtain referral for diabetes and nutrition education, if due.
Discuss smoking cessation, if appropriate.
Every year:
Have your healthcare provider do a complete foot exam which includes testing for feeling on the bottom of your feet, looking at your foot structure and how you walk, blood flow in your feet and legs, and the health of your skin.
Check your blood lipids (lipid profile).
Have your healthcare provider check your kidney function by checking for protein in your urine and your serum creatinine level.
Have a complete eye exam which includes a dilated retinal eye exam.
Get a flu shot (in the Fall).


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